customer support

g-company wants to help NABC organizations with Salesforce


Here’s why:

Empower everyone to provide service from any device, anywhere, at any time

We provide better service by contacting customers with social media and mobile tools they already use.
— Viktor van der Wijk, KLM

Nowadays, customers are expecting an online service experience that is just as effective as a personal conversation. Salesforce enables employees to provide personal service using any device anywhere. This makes for happy customers by matching customer expectations. 


the best service experience
You can successfully engage your customers by providing an excellent service experience at any time on any device. 


be the first to have the right answers
Enable employees and managers to provide quicker service though collaboration and productivity tools together with a complete client overview.

share your insights with everyone
Easily share all service data to optimize customer service.

stay informed on your clients
Use the expendable and flexible cloud platform for every department so everybody is empowered to provide your customers with optimal service.


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