sales effectiveness

g-company wants to help NABC organizations with Salesforce


Here’s why:

Increase your profits by connecting sales, service, and marketing departments. Sales nowadays is more than just the sales department. 

Our entire global sales team needed to be on one process, one platform. It was time to digitize sales.
— Andrew Wilson, Accenture

In order to be successful, the sales, service and marketing departments should work together. Collaboration makes sure all clients have the same experience, making it easier to convert leads. How to do this? By using Salesforce. The artificial intelligence in Salesforce allows sales employees to offer a fantastic user experience and become more productive themselves.


never miss a deal
Close deals more quickly and raise your profits. Thanks to a smart CRM solution, that automises most of the administrative tasks, you gain more insight in deals. 

raise your sales forecasts
Combine marketing automation with forecasts and create higher conversion rates, from leads to deals.


ready to sell anywhere, anytime
Maximise the time your sales team can actually spend selling, from any device at any time. 

create better sales opportunities
Make sure your customers are always at the center with an easy to use sales, service and marketing overview. In this way, customers are contacted at the right time through the right channel.

In order to help NABC members develop their business, Balt Leenman personally crafted “6 valuable lessons learned” in Western-African business projects with Salesforce!

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