walking wallet or valued relation?

Marketing automation for charities:

the donor as a relationship or a walking wallet?


We all know them: offerings such as "Other buyers of this book were also interested in these titles". A technical trick that definitely led to an enormous growth of certain companies. This way of communicating seems customer friendly, but is it really?

When a large American webshop started this communication strategy, people experienced it as easy. Based on the client’s interest, an organization can communicate with said client. Nowadays this method is accessible to every organization through Salesforce and we gave it a name: marketing automation.

Now the question is whether this development means an impoverishment of the customer relationship or, on the contrary, increases the quality of it. Most likely both is true. And - as applicable to almost everything - the success of marketing automation is mainly in the quality of the execution.

When applying this technique to charities and fundraising organizations, how wonderful would it be if a charity enters a real 'customer journey' with me and I no longer receive messages about topics that do not interest me? If instead, I receive the information on things that I dó find interesting, based on, for example, click, read and donation behavior. I would very much appreciate this as a 'customer' of a charitable organization. It would certainly give me the feeling that the organization in question sees me less as a 'walking wallet' and more as a valued relation.

The big advantage of this development for said charity is that the effectiveness of communication will increase considerably. Cost reduction and revenue growth will be the result of correctly applying marketing automation. Do you want to know what marketing automation can do for your organization? Click here.