Google Next'19 recap

looking forward to what we can accomplish in the years to come

We have reached the end of an amazing week at Google Next’19. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to such a successful event. I have been enjoying California for many years already, but this year was really exceptional. It felt like in this week everything came together I have enjoyed working on for many years. In this week I was like a kid in a candy store: amazing new technology, meeting Googlers at all levels of the organization, really great customers, great parties and an amazing team of colleagues. I am especially proud to be part of one team with Devoteam and Avalon. We just announced us joining Devoteam with Avalon on Monday April 8, but we have already experienced so many benefits from being one team. Getting the Google Cloud Global Infrastructure Award was the icing on the cake.

freedom of choice

I am probably one of the biggest fans of Google. People use Google services because they like the experience. People can stop using a service at any moment, which means Google needs to keep innovating to keep you as a customer. Being open is in the DNA of Google. This is why I am such a big fan.

The new product Google announced this week, Anthos, fits perfectly in the open vision of Google. It gives you freedom of choice. And freedom is very attractive. Having freedom of choice is especially important now since everything is continuously changing. If you don't continuously take the next step, soon you won't be relevant any more, you will be hacked or you won't be compliant any more. So having freedom of choice is extra important to make changes quickly and easily. We created a short video to explain the vision we have about this and how we help organizations adopt it.

just getting started

So last week I was reassured we are on the right track and building on a great momentum. Most organizations still need to make big shifts to stay relevant. We are well positioned to help organizations make this change. I am really proud of what we have accomplished in the past twelve years, but I still think we are just getting started. I feel really fortunate to be part of this and look forward to what we can accomplish in the years to come.