g-company joins Devoteam

g-company is ready for the next step!

We are very proud of what we have accomplished in the past 12 years. We are one of the top Google Premier Partners in Northern Europe. We have supported many customers with their first steps to the Cloud, to improve their processes and to become more agile. But we are still at the beginning of the shift to the cloud. Most workloads still need to be migrated or replaced with cloud solutions. So we are just getting started.

The adoption of Google Cloud in the enterprise is exploding. The demand for Google Cloud technical and implementation services is huge and growing. At g-company, we want to cater for this need. Therefore we must expand our reach dramatically to keep ahead of the curve. Autonomous, accelerated growth in staffing is quite a challenge these days, due to the current overheated state of the labor market.


We are excited to announce that by joining Devoteam, we will be able to accelerate our growth and to increase our reach drastically. With Devoteam, we are able to service the most complex and large companies with top-of-the-bill Google Cloud expertise.

Like g-company won the EMEA Sales Award last year, Devoteam won the EMEA Services Award. Together, we will be positioned as the top Google Cloud Premier Partner in Europe. Devoteam and g-company share the same vision that cloud is the way to go for enterprise computing. Google Cloud is best positioned to support enterprises in their digital journey. Devoteam has expressed a clear ambition to become the major Google Partner in Europe. By partnering with g-company as one of the largest Google Cloud Partners in Northern Europe and by acquiring Avalon Solutions, Google Cloud leader in the Nordics, Devoteam has reached that objective.

Bringing together our forces with Devoteam and Avalon Solutions, we will be able to attract and retain more customers with more services as well as the best talents, working on the most advanced local & international initiatives and constantly developing the best of breed expertise through permanent certification and training programs.

For our highly appreciated customers, this all means that it will be business as usual. They will be serviced by the same g-company people, with the same high level of expertise and customer focus. Subsequently, they can benefit from Devoteam's capacity throughout Europe.

Read here the official Devoteam press release for further details.