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All modern organizations are confronted with a continuously changing environment. In today’s world, stagnation means decline. g-company is committed to helping organizations transform and become more flexible.

We believe that the perfect IT architecture for any organization is a web services architecture with everything in the cloud, connected through open standards. However, most organizations still work with a software stack depending on one database and operating system.

Freedom of choice

g-company developed a set of solutions that can be implemented independently, at your pace and in a sequence that fits your path to a modern architecture.

Our beliefs

We work according to ten beliefs, which our colleagues, partners and clients can hold us to.

1. Focus on the added value, the rest will follow
When you add value to the world, sooner or later you will be rewarded for this. We look at what the world needs, what organizations need, and get things moving. By helping people, organizations and the world forward, wealth in various forms is created. This way, giving and receiving becomes balanced.
2. Technology and innovation bring progress
Innovation takes place at a rapid pace. Everything continuously becomes better, prettier, more fun, and more efficient. We have all faith in technology and innovation, granted it is applied well. The time has come to take a serious look at what it truly offers. How can you make the most of its potential? How can you become truly more effective, or save costs, by making smart use of technology?
3. Implementing technology is craftsmanship
We know everything about the technology we use. We enjoy using our knowledge and experience to help organizations. ‘Implementing’ to us means making sure things really work, that users feel like they have taken care of a problem, instead of having added one. The devil is often in the details.We have an eye for detail, and make sure employees truly work more efficiently. g-company makes sure it works, and that employees know how to use it.
4. Employees are just like people
People expect the same options at work as they have at home. These days, almost everyone has broadband internet, a good spam filter and a large storage capacity at home. Increasingly, we hear frustrations about limitations at work. Naturally there are different regulations in terms of privacy, security, and laws. But more often than not organizations are held back from innovations due to the burden of management. The existing, outdated ICT facilities hold back progress and improvement.
5. Networks work
We believe in synergy, in cooperating. Networks work. Diversity can be very powerful, provided there are connections. Stronger together. g-company provides a healthy balance between diversity and connections. Clients and employees, providers and financers, family and surroundings: we try to input all these relationships and make them plural where possible. Together we are more than the sum of our parts. We are all a part of a large network, just like the tools we work with.
6. Simplicity is powerful
Simplicity makes for a good design, ease of use, swiftness, visual appeal and accessibility. Back to the essence. Complexity produces noise. Too much and too extensive makes things impossible to understand and use. It takes mastery to reduce complex issues back to the essentials.
7. Honesty is the best policy
If you run around deceiving everyone, you will get your comeuppance at some point. Trustworthiness and transparency are important values. By being open and honest to others, but also by daring to be vulnerable and name things, you give others the opportunity to be open and honest in return.
8. Loving your job is important
You will not last in something without a little fun. People are at their best when they do things based on their own convictions, from the inside. While working together with others. Attention for each other, and complementary co-working leads to positive energy. Fun at work, and better results.
9. You can and are allowed to work everywhere, at all times
People should be able to undertake the things they stand for and believe in. Give people the freedom to make their own choices. Let people choose how much they would like to work, when, where and with which device. This is different for everyone. People with ambition should not be limited, but instead be given space.
10. Good is never good enough
Our continued unhappiness with the current situation leads to progress. We strive for constant improvements. Both for human actions and processes, as well as technology. We believe in large goals and always try to take more steps forward than people are expecting.
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The three g-company themes

The next three themes are crucial in realizing future-proof, innovative companies.

Data analytics, no doubt you've heard how useful it can be for any organization. Yet not all organizations seem to harness the power of data analysis. A pity, because analyzing your (existing!) data can provide valuable insights.
Grenzen vervagen tussen het fysieke kantoor en de plaats waar het werk plaatsvindt, omdat men altijd en overal veilig wil kunnen werken. Daarom bieden steeds meer organisaties hun teams en nieuwe werkomgeving – de cloud-first werkplek.
We believe that the perfect IT infrastructure is built with web services with everything in the cloud and connected through open standards. However, many organizations still rely on a single database and operating system.

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