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Working at g-company means working for the future, because technology never stands still. And neither do we. g-company wants to make a difference for its customers by offering them the services and tools to work more efficiently. We don’t just do this with expertise and innovation, but above all with our people. 

"I really love working at g-company, due to the versatility of the tasks."
Nienke van Oosteren, marketing manager at g-company
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Technology and your creativity are never idle

As an employee of g-company, we expect a lot from you, but you may as well expect the same from us. We already said it: technology never stands still. Neither does your entrepreneurial and creative spirit. You think outside the box and always see opportunities for improvement; good is never good enough. 

Space and flexibility to develop yourself

Creatieve geesten moeten de ruimte krijgen. Die geven wij jou. Flexibel werken faciliteren wij niet alleen voor onze klanten, maar ook binnen onze eigen organisatie, voor onze eigen mensen. Natuurlijk vinden onze klanten en wijzelf het gezellig om je op locatie te zien, maar als jij vindt dat je beter presteert op een andere plek, doen wij daar niet moeilijk over. Goed samenwerken kan immers nergens beter dan in de cloud. 😉


Inspiration and fun cause better results

 As an employer, we’re there to inspire you and to let you enjoy your work. We’re convinced that this leads to better results.

Build a career at g-company

Your growth matters to us
If technology didn't make your heart beat faster, you wouldn't have ended up on this page. Great, then we already have one shared passion. Enjoying your work is essential, but building a career is just as important. Just like a competitive salary package. g-company makes every effort to empower its employees and to stimulate self-development.
Introduction at g-company
This starts with an extensive onboarding process as soon as you start working at us. During this process you’ll be guided in various practical matters and you’ll quickly get to know all your colleagues, including the management team and the board members. Does such a quick introduction to the MT and the board sound a bit exciting to you? Don't worry, at g-company there’s actually no hierarchy; everyone is equal. We will also announce your employment on our website and social media and we’ll help you to present yourself even better – if necessary. We’re very proud that you’ve become a g-company member!
Evaluate to grow
In your first year, after every 100 days, you’ll have a formal conversation with your team leader, in which we discuss how you’re doing and how we proceed in the next 100 days. In addition, there will be an end-of-year meeting in which we look back at and learn from the past year. During this meeting we make agreements for the upcoming year; your personal growth is paramount in these agreements. We might challenge you to obtain professional certificates or take training courses. On top of that, we’ll have a performance meeting with you to review your results and make target agreements for the new year.

g-company team

The g-company team has now grown to nearly 70 people. All these g-company members share a healthy obsession with technology and a passion for cloud computing. But they are also diverse on many fronts: from real IT technicians to account managers and from process thinkers to creatives and a lot in between. Thanks to this diversity, the g-company members know how to reinforce and complement each other perfectly. Some of them even get along so well that they regularly go mountain biking or hiking together outside working hours. Do you think you could be the next asset to our fun, informal team? Then check out our vacancies and maybe we'll see you soon! vacatures en wie weet zien we je snel!


Customers of g-company

When you work for g-company, you work for an impressively diverse range of organizations. From regional healthcare institutions to international organizations and from local foundations to global NGOs. This variety challenges us and ensures that our work never gets boring. 

Working with the most innovative tools

Did you know g-company has close partnerships with other cool (cloud) companies? We are the largest Google Cloud Partner in the Benelux, we have been a Salesforce Impact Partner for years and we’re one of the first parties in Europe to become a Freshworks partner. All partnerships we are quite proud of. 

Your happiness on the job matters

Last but not least, it’s important to know that g-company does everything in its power to raise your happiness at work to the highest level; this also includes the necessary dose of fun with your colleagues. That's why we regularly organize fun (online) drinks and outings with the team and why we never let the achievement of milestones pass by unnoticed. 

Would you like to join the g-company team?

We are always open for new talent. Check out our job board to see what positions are open.

Curious whether working at g-company is for you?

Reach out to our Chief Happiness Officer Martijn

g-company continues as Xebia!

As of April 1, 2023, g-company continues as Xebia. Consequently, the content on this website will no longer be updated. For the most recent content, please visit the 'Cloud-First Workplace' section on the Xebia site.