Google Drive for work

Google Drive for work

All files stored securely without limitation, available anywhere and on any device, and easily shared with anyone.


Google Drive for Work is a new service from Google that offers users many interesting extras in addition to all the standard Google Apps for Work features (mail, calendar etc.). These include unlimited data storage for Drive, standard backup of all data using Google Vault, end-to-end encryption, and advanced audit and control capabilities. The price of Google Drive for Work is 96 euros per year. Current Google Apps for Business users can upgrade to Google Drive for Work when renewing their contract and take advantage of the additional features.


Why choose Google Drive for Work?

  • Mobile-first: Drive for Work is fully tailored for mobile device use with all the features and security needed, regardless of OS and device type and brand;
  • Collaborating in teams is optimally supported: real-time collaboration in documents, presentations and spreadsheets, video chat and sharing of all team activities;
  • Be able to work with basically all file formats on all devices. Office documents can also be stored in Drive and modified in Office format without Office licenses, even on mobile devices;
  • Easy archiving and searching of the entire (company) archive;
  • No limitations by infrastructure: unlimited data storage, files up to 5TB, no more worries about capacity, performance and security;
  • All data stored safely and compliantly with new interesting features related to app and domain whitelisting, built-in mobile security and e-discovery & archiving.


For which organizations is Google Drive for Work of interest?

  • Organizations that are dealing with uncontrolled “shadow IT use” with e.g. Dropbox or Box. Google Drive for Work can be deployed for those parts of the organization where this is an issue. In this way, the need can be controlled and facilitated in a secure manner;
  • Organizations that use Dropbox or Box anyway, paid or free;
  • Organizations where collaboration with email is not effective (enough);
  • Organizations with intensive Google Drive or Google Apps usage;
  • Organizations where sharing (large) files or file-based collaboration is important;
  • Organizations where business changes are urgently needed in the areas of:
    • better (international) cooperation (within teams);
    • mobile sales/services initiatives;
  • Organizations where IT changes/savings are desired, e.g., in the area of:
    • security and file sharing (FTP replacement);
    • BYOD initiatives;
    • user-friendly content management;
  • Organizations for which archiving is an important issue;
  • Organizations where the use of large files is part of the primary process and therefore crucial, such as in the media and construction industries.

We are already excited about the new features that Google Drive for Work offers.

So we can’t wait to introduce you to all these new features in person.

If you are interested in this, please contact us for more information!

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