g-company: for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs

g-company: for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs

“Doing business at g-company has proved to be a godsend for me”

For years, I have dreamed of taking the step to becoming self-employed. The main reason for this was the feeling that there is more to the consulting world than just doing projects for employers. The excitement of “bringing in” projects and delivering value to clients brings with it an indescribable drive to perform well. After all, who better to judge my work than the client? An additional advantage is the earnings model, which is very good and fair.

g-company puts organisations and people in their power

An important aspect of doing business at g-company is the cooperation within a high performance team. Each team member has his/her own qualities and gets the chance to do what he or she is good at. In combination with the Google and Salesforce partnerships, we can deliver what is needed to make our clients more successful.

Would you like to know more about g-company’s unique business model within the Salesforce and Google market? Then please feel free to contact us!

Frank van Meegen
Salesforce Consultant

N.B.: Frank is no longer with g-company, but on our team page you can find an overview of all our colleagues. 

g-company continues as Xebia!

As of April 1, 2023, g-company continues as Xebia. Consequently, the content on this website will no longer be updated. For the most recent content, please visit the 'Cloud-First Workplace' section on the Xebia site.