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Unique approach against data breaches

Unique approach against data breaches

Prisma, Adapcare and g-company present unique approach against data breaches during Care & ICT Exhibition

More and more healthcare organizations are moving their information systems to the cloud. Employees can then access their agenda, mail and documents while on the road or from home, which benefits efficient and flexible working. But is it safe to access client data from the Electronic Client Dossier (ECD) in different places via the cloud? No, was the answer until recently. Prisma, Google and Adapcare came up with a unique solution that solves this problem.

Recently Prisma switched entirely to the Google Workspace: e-mail, calendar, storage, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, authentication and video conferencing, all in the cloud. Working securely with client-sensitive information was the main focus. To achieve this, a solution had to be found for a previously discovered data leak.

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It goes wrong when an employee downloads information from the ECD on the home computer. The ECD contains all sorts of PDF and Word documents with sensitive client information. To view or edit such a document, it previously had to be saved ‘locally’. If the file is then left behind in the download folder, there is a data breach. Who else has access to the home computer?

Prisma developed a unique solution together with g-company, implementation partner of Google, and Adapcare, supplier of the ECD Pluriform Zorg. From now on, Prisma employees can view and modify documents from their ECD without leaving the browser. It is no longer necessary to download a document: clicking on a Google document in the ECD opens the document in the browser without having to download it. The result: no more data leaks!

Uploading documents is also no longer necessary. A Prisma employee can create a new Google document from the ECD. The document is stored in the cloud but the ECD regulates the access permissions. The document can no longer be shared with others outside the ECD. So also in this way no more data leaks. With this approach, Prisma meets the most stringent requirements of NEN7510 and has also realized a significant cost savings.

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