Community building with Salesforce

Community building with Salesforce

Bind customers effectively to your brand

The digital revolution has changed the relationship between businesses and potential clients to its core. Consumers, as well as B2B clients have changed their expectations. The internet caused higher demands being made of companies, in terms of service, product, and services.

This trend is is spreading within the non-profit market as well, where charity organizations and associations are struggling with new business models. For B2B marketers, the challenge lies in conveying the company’s or organization’s unique nature, both externally as well as internally, to address these current developments. Developing a working strategy, however, requires quite a bit of trial and error.

So, how do you effectively build a community around your brand now, using, and


Member model 2.0 requires an innovative platform

Member organizations (ex. trade associations, as well as NGOs) are more and more discovering that the good old member model is starting to become outdated. Their supporters expect them to act as a platform: a place to share and exchange knowledge, as well as a place for interaction, events and much more. Visibility of your organization is important, as well as knowing what makes your supporters tick. All of this means that organizations need to become data-driven and agile.

g-company and Dutch Network Group are putting the theory to practice at VNO-NCW and MKB Nederland, the two biggest advocates for employers in the Netherlands. They use Salesforce in combination with the community solution by Big Dash, and the results are stunning. Proper guidance is key, however. Not just for the implementation of new technology, but also for changing the way of thinking and working. Willem Overbosch (Dutch Network Group) and Lex Dekker (g-company) already explained this during g-company’s next step event, as well as during an interview with Anthony van Hoeven of at the Connect Non Profit Conference.

On March 21 2019 we are organizing a Round Table Session about Salesforce and member organizations. You can sign up via this page.

Watch the interview with Willem before the breakout session below.

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