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Start your Monday right, with our Google Workspace tips & tricks!

Start your Monday right, with our Google Workspace tips & tricks!

Each month, several new innovations are added to G Suite. Some are minor updates to existing features, to make everything run just a little bit smoother. Others are completely new features, that can help simplify your work, or even automate it, giving you spare time to focus on the things that truly matter.

Curious to know what you can do in G Suite? In this blogpost we’ve lined up a couple of tips & tricks for you, to make this Monday a little brighter. So definitely read on!


 1. Schedule e-mails in Gmail 

Did you know that you can schedule emails in Gmail, to be sent at a later date and time? This feature is available on Android, iOS and Gmail on the web.

To use this feature, go to Google Mail on your pc, and click “compose” at the top left. After drafting your email, click the arrow next to the “Send”-button, at the bottom left. THe only thing left to do is to click “Schedule send” and there you go! The email has been scheduled. You can do for up to 100 emails, isn’t that handy?



 2. When you need to find that one, exact email in a full inbox

Each day, dozens of emails are sent out. But what happens when you need to find back that one exact email that you saw pass by yesterday, or the day before?

Luckily, in Gmail you can refine your search results using search operators. You can either use them separately, or in combinations. A couple of examples that are frequently used:

  • Specify the sender with From:
    Example: from:John

  • Messages that match with various search terms: use OR or { }
    Example: from:John OR from:Mathijs

  • Remove messages from search results with a minus sign :
    Example: -Google (no mails with the word Google)

  • Messages that include an icon in a certain color: has:
    Example: has:purple-star

A full list of all search operators can be found here. No email will escape your sight now!

 3. Easily propose a new time for a meeting

Proposing a new time for a meeting was just made even easier in Google Calendar. To allow meetings to be scheduled more efficiently, every invitee can now easily propose an alternative time. The organizer can then review each proposal, and accept the one that works.


pasted image 0.png

To do this, you have to click on the item for which you want to propose a new time, in Google Calendar. Underneath the “Going” section, click the arrow to find the button “Propose a new time”. You can suggest a new time under “Your proposal”, which the organizer can then choose to accept.

Et voila! Rescheduling meetings is now a breeze.


Curious for more?

These tips & tricks are only some of the many that we share with our customers. Do you also use G Suite and do you want to use it to the fullest? Then be sure to talk to our consultants, to discuss how we can give your organization a boost. You get the G Suite newsletter as an added bonus for free!


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Curious for more?

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