Tech update: discover the latest Salesforce and Converse updates

Tech update: discover the latest Salesforce and Converse updates

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Converse users have by default access to the latest version, as of June 1st. What has changed?


Anonymising of contacts

The anonymising of personal details is an important part of GDPR. Donors could request to delete their details from the administration. Anonymising is an interesting possibility to leave the gift administration and campaign history intact, while simultaneously respecting the GDPR. Converse can facilitate this, but only in the PRO version.

 Lightning wizards

Converse has several wizards, for example for entering a new agreement. These wizards now have a modern look and feel in Lightning.


Several bugs that have been solved:

  • Name of the holding is adjusted automatically when a contact gets deleted.

  • Date of next collection with annual agreements is correctly calculated for leap years.

  • If the selection date is the same as the end date of the agreement, the term is nevertheless included in the collection.


Search filters


Connecting a payment profile or a mandate can be applied using a search filter. This enables you to find the data that has to be connected.

Secondly, the documentation of the naming of households has been updated.

Salesforce Summer ’19 release

New functions are added to Salesforce three times a year. In June, the Summer ’19 release is automatically activated in your org. Below are a number of highlights that may also be of interest to your organization. This allows you to link the correct data to each other faster.

Enhanced related lists

Related items are displayed in a Related List for objects. The possibilities of those lists are greatly improved thanks to the Enhanced Related List function. Up to 10 columns can now be displayed instead of 4. The columns are easy to sort and contacts can be added to a campaign directly from the list, for example.


Related list filters

 Another improvement is filtering in related lists. This can now be done directly with a few clicks, without going through dialogs to find the right filter fields.


In-app guidance

To help your colleagues use Salesforce best, you can set up pop-ups in different places. With the pop-ups, you give tips and you can refer to additional documentation. You can set how often and in which period the pop-ups are displayed.


Process builder notifications

In Salesforce, processes can be automated with the Process Builder. A new feature is adding notifications. An example: suppose a donor is designated as a Major Donor in the process, then you can have a notification of this appear at the Account Manager.



You must already know Salesforce: Trailhead’s online learning environment. myTrailhead is an extension for learning processes in your own organization. For example, you want employees to know the procedures for purchasing, applying for leave or approving a grant application. From now on you can put that knowledge into your own trailheads, complete with scores and reports. However, additional licenses are required to use myTrailhead.

Curious about the many other improvements? Then check the YouTube channel or view the release notes.

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