More efficient donation processing with Guided Matching

More efficient donation processing with Guided Matching

Customers who process their donations with FinDock can now use Guided Matching. This addition saves a considerable amount of time for the manual processing of donations. With Guided Matching, you define a set of rules which are applied to all transactions you read in.


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A donation that is automatically processed with a unique payment reference is something we already knew. But there are plenty of other scenarios imaginable where manual work is unnecessary. For example, someone might put “housing project” or “housing projekt” in the description. That donation can be directly linked to the project in question. Or someone mentions “no thanks”, so no thank-you letter needs to be sent. You don’t want to see creditor payments in the list of transactions to be processed manually. For all these situations, a rule can be devised that you can add to Guided Matching.

The result: less chance of human error and far fewer transactions that require additional processing. And even in the case of manual entries, you still get guidance from the process to quickly fill in the missing data.

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