RefugeeForce offers refugees perspective

RefugeeForce offers refugees perspective

Philip learned how to work with Salesforce and now helps others

Five years ago, Philip Gahshan fled from violence in Syria. Since then, he has been trying to build a life for himself in the Netherlands. Via RefugeeForce he came into contact with g-company, where he now works as a Salesforce consultant. We are curious to hear his story.

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How did you come across Salesforce?

“In Syria, I took courses in business economics, project management, marketing and sales. I had my own company there. When I came to the Netherlands, the search began how I could continue my career here. I am inquisitive and open to new things. An advertisement drew my attention to RefugeeForce. This is an initiative to teach refugees Salesforce so that they can improve their chances in the job market. Friends of mine were already working with Salesforce, so I already knew a bit about it. I started attending RefugeeForce meetings and that’s how the ball started rolling.”

And now you work at g-company?

“That’s right. I came into contact with Balt Leenman via RefugeeForce. He and g-company are closely involved with this foundation. Training is important, but in the end you learn the most during practice. Balt asked me to join g-company and I am now doing consultancy work there.”


What are your ambitions?

“As a consultant I like to support companies in the use of Salesforce. Furthermore, on behalf of the g-company foundation, I am preparing a master class for the new participants of RefugeeForce. I am so grateful for the opportunities I have been given that I now also want to give something back to the new participants. Sharing knowledge and helping others is really a core value in the Salesforce community. I appreciate that immensely.”


Does your future lie in the Netherlands?

“I consider the Netherlands as my second home. When the situation in Syria normalises, I would like to be part of the reconstruction. Either directly or indirectly. I have no idea yet how things will turn out. The Netherlands is a land of opportunities, but it can also be a lonely existence. Time will tell where my destination lies!

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