Round Table 'Salesforce + Google BigQuery': a look back

Round Table 'Salesforce + Google BigQuery': a look back

Our Round Table ‘Salesforce + Google BigQuery’ was held at Google Netherlands last week. An intimate setting where we were able to show our guests how reports can be executed quickly, smartly and reliably. With an opening and introduction by Bas Rookhuijzen of Google, guests were welcomed to the world of Big Data and how technology can be used to their individual advantages.

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Gaining insight more easily

One customer case was presented during the Round Table: Vaxxinova. Vaxxinova develops, produces and markets innovative vaccines and diagnostic services to protect livestock and fish against diseases worldwide.

They use analytics to process data more quickly, with information stored in the cloud and processed automatically. This helps this large organization to break down their ‘report iceberg’: recurring tasks that take up a lot of time if it is done by hand, instead of generated and processed automatically. BigQuery helps the Finance Department at Vaxxinova to show what has happened and what will happen, based on previous experiences and collected data. It gains insight and simultaneously makes predictions, which helps their sales goals and predictions – both short and long term.


Heartbeat within an organization

Customer Engineer Julian Atkinson called BigQuery ’the heartbeat of data within an organization’. BigQuery is an enterprise data warehouse that solves problems by allowing super-fast SQL queries to use the processing power of Google’s infrastructure. A skill that could be used to find answers for all kinds of problems at all sorts of organizations.

To sum up this Round Table: collecting and connecting data offers a lot of insights to all sorts of problems. Are you interested in what data can do for you? We are happy to talk it over with you.

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