Salesforce in the battle against Parkinson

Salesforce in the battle against Parkinson

ParkinsonNet, an initiative of Radboud UMC, has grown to a nationwide network that surpassed 3.400 healthcare providers specialized in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease.

ParkinsonNet’s main objective is to share knowledge and spur a strong cooperation that helps to deliver the best possible healthcare to people suffering from Parkinson. We have spoken with Stef Kaal, Content & Community Manager of ParkinsonNet, about why they have chosen to implement Salesforce.




The choice for Salesforce

“Two years ago, we have opted for Salesforce so that we could replace multiple administrations by a single system. Along the way, we ran into lots of features of the Salesforce platform. Hence, we came up with the idea to migrate the existing portal for healthcare providers to Salesforce (communities) as well.

We made the decision to go with g-company, because of their demonstrable expertise in that area. Recently, the community went live. And with success! The mainbenefits we experience are firstly that all data can be retrieved from one place and people don’t need to deal with multiple credentials anymore. Moreover, Salesforce is very easy to use.

Next steps

“Initially, we have chosen for a Minimum Viable Product only to manage costs. We didn’t exceed our budget so far, so there is leeway to proceed with further steps. For example, the healthcare providers indicated their wish for creating new meetings themselves and we are happy to announce we are going to make this happen as well!”

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