Tech update: better donation processing and Tikkie QR

Tech update: better donation processing and Tikkie QR

Most non-profits once chose Salesforce because of its flexibility and beautiful solutions for gift processing. It’s nice to see that small and bigger improvements are constantly being made. Use them to your advantage!



Some of the improvements made in May to these donation processing apps:

  • Automatic matching of donations now works even if there are spaces or dashes in the payment reference.

  • Filter for choosing the right Payment Profile for a Contract is set tighter.

  • Guided Matching. Define your own rules for matching donations to Campaigns and Destinations. This will save you a lot of time on the manual processing of donations.

  • Tikkie QR. The perfect addition to existing payment methods or even a replacement of the giro collection form: the Tikkie QR code. Add a QR code to Direct Mail or e-mail campaigns and lower the threshold for giving. The unique code ensures that the donation is booked in the right way, effortlessly.

  • Import Manager. Do you often receive files from external parties that need to be processed in Salesforce? With the Import Manager you can speed up this process and minimise the risk of errors.



Now that most fundraising events have been scrapped, online campaigns are growing like mushrooms. Kentaa offers the perfect platform for a sponsor campaign or an online collection. Of course you want to have the results in Salesforce. g-company is happy to help you realize this link.

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Salesforce updates

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