Grant Management & Impact

Grant Management & Impact

Obviously, we want that granted subsidies are well spent.

But, how do you do that in a complex world, where your foundation may receive hundreds of grant applications per year and many stakeholders are involved?

Collaboration on the same page

Eight years ago, g-company started to help non-profit organizations increase their impact through the use of new technology, and we quickly got to the point of working together. Collaborating on the same page is an expression we like to use to indicate the power of a cloud platform like Google or Salesforce. In a Google Doc you can collaborate seamlessly on the same page, as well as in the Salesforce environment.

Fundraising and grant management in the same platform

Many of our relations raise funds for specific projects. They want to give donors insight into project spending and make the actual impact visible. We have set this up, for example, at Mama Cash, Wilde Ganzen, See You Foundation (formerly Light for the World) and Dorcas. The resulting transparency has a major impact due to the insight into grant management.

Reduce labor intensity

Providing grants by funds can be a labor-intensive process. Sometimes there are hundreds or even thousands of applications per year that all have to be assessed, such as at vfonds or the Brain Foundation. Streamlining the administrative processes, objectifying assessment criteria, automating processes and involving the stakeholders online by providing them with the right information brings many benefits.

What is the impact?

Making an impact is a much-discussed topic. But that turns out not to be proper language: you can’t make an impact, you can only influence.

It is not easy to measure the real impact of a project or intervention. However, objectives are set. By including those objectives from the start and keeping them in mind throughout the process, we increase the chance of impactful collaboration. All noses are in the same direction, everyone knows the goal that is being worked on. “Start with the end in mind”, said Stephen Covey in his famous Seven Habits.

Challenge Fund for Youth Employment (CFYE)

A good example of targeted Grant Management is the Challenge Fund. This fund must spend €60,000,000 in Dutch development money to create 200,000 jobs for young people in countries in the Middle East and the Horn of Africa. We have been able to set up the Salesforce platform in such a way that the entire process is transparent for the purpose of selecting, subsidizing and monitoring projects that create jobs among young people.



CFYE’s use case

In our webinar of June 15, 2021, the Challenge Fund for Youth Employment explains how they use and benefit from Grant Management. This is a good example of ‘collaborating on the same page’ , by approximately 60 co-workers in the Grant Management process.


Balt Leenman

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Balt is part of the Salesforce Squad and has a role within g-company as Salesforce Sales & Account Manager.

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