The team of g-company is growing like crazy!

The team of g-company is growing like crazy!

Freedom and a wide range of possibilities to do your job better and faster are highly valued at g-company. That’s a big reason why we were acquired by Xebia on 1 September 2021. To ensure that our clients’ project management is simple, transparent and fun, we offer as one of the options in our portfolio. was developed as a tool to make project management simple, transparent and fun, which can only benefit your productivity. With home working still the norm for many companies and employees working in a multidisciplinary way, project management is more important than ever. To meet this demand, the growth of our team was badly needed. Since 2 months our team is enriched with the arrival of Ruud, our hero! In this blog he introduces himself.


Ruud van Delft

“My name is Ruud and after 2,5 years of living and working in Antwerp, I am now back in beautiful Rotterdam. At the moment I am training for the postponed marathon of last year and in between I am playing golf. Apart from this, I have a passion for everything that has to do with food and beverage, so I can regularly be found in restaurants and cafes. 

“My goal is to use my current experience to grow the business and keep learning to pull myself along. Managing a sales team, training and motivating people is the vision for the future.”

“For me, technology is about innovation and creating opportunities, both in business and in daily life. What was impossible for an organisation yesterday or took up a lot of time today is something to think about and implement tomorrow and use as a new standard for the future.”

Welcome to our team Ruud! We are happy with your reinforcement and wish you lots of fun and success at g-company!

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