Tech update: new functionality in Salesforce, Converse & Findock

Tech update: new functionality in Salesforce, Converse & Findock

As a Salesforce user, you effortlessly switch to a new version three times a year, which provides you with numerous new features and improvements. This tech update is all about the Summer '21 release.

Einstein Search

Einstein Search is still not widely used. Einstein Search ensures that search results become much more personal, so that a user finds what he is looking for more quickly. Also, searches in natural language are partly supported. For example, you can search for ‘Accounts in Amsterdam’ or ‘My Open Cases’ and you will immediately see matching results.

Service Cloud

The Salesforce Survey feature just keeps getting better step by step. It is now possible to send surveys to groups in bulk.

Split View

With Split View you are allowed to edit several records at the same time. For example, you have a list of donors and you want to change the status of some of them. You can select them and change the status of the selection with a single click.

And finally, there's a new beta feature that lets you update data directly in a Salesforce report withInline Editing‘.


The updates for Converse also continue. The following four updates have been made:

  1. It is now possible to link website donations directly to a company instead of a contact person.

  2. Leads can now be converted in bulk to Accounts and Contacts.

  3. The Campaign Management Toolkit provides historical insight into campaign results and has smart tools for selecting contacts for new campaigns.

  4. The Converse Geo Management Toolkit helps marketers and fundraisers to make relevant features geographically visible.


Good news from FinDock is that, from now on, incassoruns can be generated automatically on the basis of a self-set schedule. The validation of direct debits is now also visually represented in a separate component for the direct debit page. Another new feature is Paylinkswhereby a unique URL can be generated for each amount to be received. The URL can be used in a payment request in for example an e-mail and can also be displayed as a QR code.

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