The Salesforce Practice through the eyes of Balt Leenman

The Salesforce Practice through the eyes of Balt Leenman

April 1, 2016 marks three years since I actively joined g-company as a partner to build the Salesforce Practice. I look back with gratitude: the Salesforce team now consists of ten consultants who are doing and have done great projects for both profit and non-profit organizations.

I discovered that g-company is cool when I first spoke with David Saris. At that time I was still working at Capgemini as cloud-leader for Google and Salesforce and was looking for a partner in the field of Google Apps to work with. g-company stood out because of its innovative vision. I experience it as a privilege to work with David: inspiring such a visionary entrepreneur who understands the impact that technological development can have on organizations!

One of the nice aspects of g-company is ’the new collaboration’. We are a kind of synthesis of a partnership – a cooperative and a franchise organization – and we act like a guild, in a ‘high performance team’. Our mission is to empower people and organizations using new technology. To put it in David’s words:

"Let technology do what technology is good at and people do what people are good at."

That’s why we choose “born in the cloud” solutions from Google and Salesforce, innovative platforms: Salesforce for structured and Google for unstructured information.

My passion is to give shape to ’the new cooperation’ within a team. To empower each individual, to look for each other’s strongest points and to promote diversity. I am very proud of our team: everyone does what he or she is good at and complements the other on the less strong points. As a result, our common ability grows and the energy and enthusiasm increases. You do what you are good at and what makes you happy, and you get better and better at it.

Balt Leenman

Account Manager
Balt is part of the Salesforce Squad and has a role within g-company as Salesforce Sales & Account Manager.

g-company continues as Xebia!

As of April 1, 2023, g-company continues as Xebia. Consequently, the content on this website will no longer be updated. For the most recent content, please visit the 'Cloud-First Workplace' section on the Xebia site.