Google Chrome profiles

Google Chrome profiles

If you want to keep your work and private accounts separate, you can use profiles in Google Chrome. These keep your favourite settings, passwords and other data separated and thus more private.

How to add a new profile?

  • Open Chrome on your computer
  • Click on Profile at the top right
  • Click on Add

If you choose to sync with your Google Account, your profile name will automatically become the name of your account.

Then choose a name, picture and colour scheme.

Once you turn on syncing in Chrome with a Google Account for your new profile, your bookmarks, history, passwords and other settings will be synced by default.

Using a Chromebook? Share your Chromebook with other people by adding them to your Chromebook.

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How do you switch between profiles?

If several profiles are set up, it is easy to select the right profile for the right moment, switch to another profile or create a new profile directly. Using different colours for different profiles makes it easy to distinguish between them at a glance.

  • Open Chrome on your computer
  • Click on Profile (photo or initials in the circle) at the top right.
  • Select the profile you want to switch to

Using a Chromebook? You can use multiple accounts at once on your Chromebook.

You can also access your Chrome profile on your other devices. Enable syncing and get the theme you selected. All your saved information, like your favorite bookmarks and the passwords you have stored on all your devices, will come along.

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