Have your meetings planned, safe and efficient

Have your meetings planned, safe and efficient

Letting others book appointments in your agenda makes you feel uncomfortable?

Sometimes it can be useful that others can schedule an appointment with you at certain time slots in your calendar. But of course you don't want your agenda to be public.

From now on you can send external people a link to your personal booking page and they can schedule an appointment with you without back and forth consultation. Safe, and also very efficient!


All you have to do is indicate in your agenda on which days and times others can schedule an appointment with you through the booking page. Then you share the link to this page with external people.

Very convenient if, for example, you are a consultant and you let people choose a time that suits them. Or if you are doing a campaign for sales, where you can have prospects schedule a no-obligation appointment.


If you create an appointment yourself in your agenda, that time will automatically be blocked on the booking page so that it is no longer available and you won't be double booked.


Note: This functionality is not available for Google Workspace Essentials, Business Starter, Frontline, and G Suite Basic and Business.


Glenn van Hoof

Google Workspace Consultant
Glenn is member of the Collaboration Squad in the role of Google Workspace Consultant.

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