Collaboration made easier

Collaboration made easier

Being able to collaborate on a document at the same time increases productivity. Google Workspace goes one step further: you can now create a task directly from a document and assign it to yourself or someone else.

In Google Docs, you can assign a checklist item to yourself or a colleague. The item then appears in the assignee's task list. Changes to an assigned item in Tasks, such as an adjusted due date or a 'Completed' status, are reflected in both the document and the task list.

Assigning items
In order to use this function, the section Tasks needs to be enabled within the respective Google Workspace domain.

  1. Type in the document @task and press Enter; a pop-up window appears
  2. Fill in the name of the task, the person it should be assigned to and if applicable the due date
  3. Click on the button 'Assign as task'
  4. The task is now visible in the tasklist of the assigned user


Updates of tasks that are done in a document are visible in the task list and vice versa.

When assigning a task to someone, that person receives an email alert with details of the task. One can see the task in the personal task list and in Google Calendar if it has a due date.

Handy, right? This makes collaborating in Google Docs even easier.

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Danny Bouman

Google Workspace Consultant
Danny is part of the Collaboration Squad and has a role within g-company as Google Workspace Consultant.

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