Shortcuts make your life easier

Shortcuts make your life easier

The shortcuts CTRL+C, CTRL+X and CTRL+V (or CMD i/o CTRL on a MacBook) for copy, cut and paste are indispensable.

Nevertheless, these shortcut combinations were not available in Google Drive yet. Fortunately, that has now changed.

From now on, you can use the key combinations CTRL+C, CTRL+X and CTRL+V (⌘ + Letter on Mac) to copy and move your files in Google Drive.

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How does it work?

Want to copy or move files in Drive? Then use the key combination CTRL+C to copy or CTRL+X to cut. Next, navigate to another folder in Google Drive and use the combination CTRL+V. Voilà, your file(s) have been moved to another folder!

Also, after using CTRL+C, the link of the corresponding document can also be pasted in another document with CTRL+V.

Do you want to move or copy the document and make a shortcut to another location in Drive? Then you can easily do so by using the key combination CTRL+SHIFT+V.

Lastly, it is possible to open files in a separate tab by combining the CTRL+Enter keys.

We will soon be sharing a cool video on shortcuts in Google Calendar that will make your life a lot easier. Stay tuned!

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Jonas Aerts

Google Workspace Consultant
Jonas is Team Lead of the Collaboration Squad and also fulfills the role of Google Workspace and Chrome Enterprise Consultant and Change Manager within that team.

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