Twice as many cells, now in Google Sheets

Twice as many cells, now in Google Sheets

For the active spreadsheet user, the number of cells in a spreadsheet is never enough.

In 2019, Google increased the number of cells to use in a spreadsheet from 2 million to 5 million. Since that certainly wasn't enough for some, the number of cells in Google Sheets has now doubled to 10 million.

Currently, the following restrictions in Google Sheets are in effect:

  • Maximaal 10 miljoen cellen of 18.278 kolommen (tot aan kolom ZZZ) voor spreadsheets die zijn gemaakt in of geconverteerd naar Google Sheets.
  • Up to 10 million cells or 18,278 columns for spreadsheets imported from Microsoft Excel. The same limits apply to import files in Excel and CSV format.
  • When you convert a document from Excel to Google Sheets, cells that contain more than 50,000 characters are removed from the spreadsheet.

Would you like to know more about maximum file sizes you can store in Google Drive? Check out this support page by Google.


Jonas Aerts

Google Workspace Consultant
Jonas is Team Lead of the Collaboration Squad and also fulfills the role of Google Workspace and Chrome Enterprise Consultant and Change Manager within that team.

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