Google Docs as interactive workplace

Google Docs as interactive workplace

Now hybrid working has become quite common, it is essential that teams stay focussed and connected while collaborating, no matter where their members are. With Smart Canvas in Google Drive collaboration becomes even more fun.

What is Smart Canvas?

With Smart Canvas, Google enables users to add simple, handy, interactive building blocks to Google Docs, Sheets and Presentations, while use the @-sign. In the coming months, several other features will be added as well.

Nowadays it is possible in Google Docs to:

  • slimme chips to add smart chips to Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and other Google Drive files and Calendar items.
  • eenvoudig koppelingen add simple connectors through intelligent suggestions in the dialog box 'Add Link'.
  • create checklists. te maken.

Smart chips

It has been possible for some time to add people to Google Docs using a smart chip. Now this functionality has been extended to insert other files and events.

With this new functionality it is possible to easily link a document or mention a meeting in a document. This allows users to easily navigate to other content.

Add link

Adding a link currently gives the option to directly add Drive files, links, and bookmarks based on selected text.

This means you do not have to actively search for elements to add, but that Google supports you in doing so.


Finally, it is possible to add checklists in Google Docs. This can be very useful to create a clear overview of tasks that have already been done.

Table templates, topic voting tables and additional checklist options will be available soon.
Soon you will be able to assign checklist actions to other people. Additionally, these checklists appear in Google Tasks, making it easier for anyone to manage their part on a project's to-do list.

Ernst-Jan van Gils

Google Workspace Change Consultant
Ernst-Jan is a member of the Collaboration Squad in the role of Google Workspace Change Consultant.

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