Drop-down Chips in Google Sheets

Drop-down Chips in Google Sheets

Google Spreadsheets has a new upgrade that makes creating a drop-down menu faster and easier. The already existing drop-down menus have been upgraded to Drop-down Chips, which now also allow you to assign a color to the different options. This additional visual indication allows you to distinguish the different statuses of the tasks in an instant.

You can add a drop-down chip to a cell in either one of the following three ways:

  1. In a cell, type the @ symbol and select 'Drop-downs'.
  2. Right-click on a cell and select 'Drop-down'.
  3. From the menu at the top, click 'Insert' and then 'Drop-down'.

On the right side, the 'Data Validation Rules' side panel appears. With the introduction of Drop-down Chips, the entire process of applying data validation has also received a makeover. The layout and operation is now aligned with that of other functions such as Conditional Formatting and Named Ranges.

In the side panel, add the selection options, select a colour for each and your dropdown is ready to use!

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