Follow feature in Google Slides

Follow feature in Google Slides

Collaborating in Google Slides is now even easier with the introduction of the new Follow feature. 

When you work with several people in Google Slides, you can see on the left side of the screen – through the avatars – on which slide the others are active. That way you can see exactly on which slide changes are made.

Until now, you always had to navigate manually as soon as your colleague moved from one slide to the next and you wanted to follow his or her changes.

With the new follow feature, it is now also possible to follow a person as soon as they navigate to another slide. This makes it easier for both of you when editing a presentation together.

How does it work?

To automatically follow someone in Google Slides, click on their avatar at the top of the toolbar. Then you will see the notification appear "you are following". As soon as this person moves to another slide, you will now automatically move along to that particular slide.

If you no longer wish to follow the person, simply click on the avatar again.

NB: In order to use this function, the section Tasks needs to be enabled within the respective Google Workspace domain.

You will automatically stop following when:

  • the person you are following refreshes their screen or leaves the presentation
  • you are making edits yourself
  • you click on another slide
  • you go to slideshow mode


Yet another manual action less, isn't it handy?

Curious for more?

Ernst-Jan van Gils

Google Workspace Change Consultant
Ernst-Jan is a member of the Collaboration Squad in the role of Google Workspace Change Consultant.

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