Migrating Google Calendar Reminders to Google Tasks

Migrating Google Calendar Reminders to Google Tasks

Currently, you are able to create Tasks and Reminders in Google Calendar. Google is aiming to streamline your to do’s even more. Therefore, all your Reminders that you’ve created in Google Agenda or via Google Assistant will be transferred to Google Tasks.

Tasks is becoming the central hub for all your to do’s. You can create tasks from multiple Google Workspace apps such as Gmail, Documents, Chat and of course the Tasks app itself.

When and how does this migration work?

Make your the Google Workspace administrator enables the Tasks service within the organization. This will ensure the migration from Calendar and Assistant Reminders to Tasks for all end users, and will automatically start from May 22, 2023..

Next to that, end users will receive the below notification in their Calendar per April 12, 2023. . They can manage the migration from their own Reminders straight away.

Do you have a personal Google account as well? This option is already available from March 6, 2023.

What to do with Google Keep Reminders?

Reminders that you have created in Keep are not included in this migration. They will remain available in the Google Keep app.

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