Don't loose your thread in Google Chat

Don't loose your thread in Google Chat

New layout for Spaces in Google Chat

Until now you are used to all chat conversations within a Space being placed in one long thread. When creating a Space, you choose whether or not to divide conversations by subject. If you do, a new topic and its responses will be grouped together in a conversation.

As of March 13, this method will change. From then on, all new Spaces you create will be in-line threaded . This means that you can reply to any message in the chat room. All responses to a post are bundled in a separate thread in a side panel. In this way, these reactions are separated from the main conversation and the chat room remains uncluttered. This makes it easier to discover, follow and explore the topics most relevant to you.

From March 13, it will no longer be possible to classify new Spaces by subject. This option will be canceled completely.

Additionally, later this year, all existing Spaces grouped by conversation topic will transition to the new in-line threaded format.

Of course we will inform you about this in good time.

Many people are already used to responding inline in applications such as Whatsapp (to a lesser extent) and Slack, so this change in Google Chat will not be very exciting for them. For others it may take some time getting used to. But if you ask us: the new layout will certainly help users to stay connected more easily and not lose the thread in all digital communication! 🧶

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Jonas Aerts

Google Workspace Consultant
Jonas is Team Lead of the Collaboration Squad and also fulfills the role of Google Workspace and Chrome Enterprise Consultant and Change Manager within that team.

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