Subtitling of Dutch speaker in Google Meet

Subtitling of Dutch speaker in Google Meet

For some time now, it has been possible to add live subtitles to an English-speaking meeting. Since most meetings in the Netherlands and in Belgium are held in Dutch, this functionality did not yet have much added value in those countries.

But that is a thing of the past! Nowadays, it is possible to have Dutch spoken language directly subtitled into Dutch. Besides Dutch, a number of other languages have been added (including Japanese, Italian, Korean and Portuguese).

It should be noted, however, that this functionality is still under development and the subtitles do not always work as well as they should.

Wanna try? Click in the active Meet on the CC-icon at the bottom bar. Select the language of the meeting, and the subtitles will be shown.

In addition, it is currently also possible to translate the subtitles directly into another language. This applies to English conversations, they can be translated into Japanese, Swedish and Mandarin. 

Also, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish conversations can be translated into English.

In time, additional languages will be added so that English conversations will be subtitled in Dutch or vice versa. For now, however, this remains in the future, but it surely is something to look forward to!

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Jonas Aerts

Google Workspace Consultant
Jonas is Team Lead of the Collaboration Squad and also fulfills the role of Google Workspace and Chrome Enterprise Consultant and Change Manager within that team.

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