Altrecht is a care institution, a specialist GGZ, aimed at people with a psychiatric illness. This goes a step further than 'minor' mental and psychiatric problems. Mental health care is also provided by the general practitioner or the basic GGZ. Only if this help is not sufficient, the patient can be (further) treated by Altrecht. They do this mainly in the region of Utrecht, but everyone is welcome.

Altrecht: the lightning-fast switch to Chromebooks

"We have now placed an order to provide all Altrecht employees with a Chromebook."


Suddenly working from home

When corona arrived in the Netherlands, mental healthcare institution Altrecht also found itself in a situation in which many people suddenly had to work from home. For the employees of Altrecht, this meant that they had to support their patients from home via a live online environment. There was only one crucial problem: there appeared to be a major shortage of work equipment with the right specifications, such as a camera and a microphone. The Altrecht employees need this in order to be able to help their patients in the best possible way for contact via audio and video. In addition, there were other challenges that had to be solved. For example, how is the patients' privacy safeguarded and how do new laptops arrive at the employees' homes? "We outsourced these challenges to g-company with the question: do you have a solution for us?", says Dieter van Grinsven, Project Manager Informatization at Altrecht.

Chromebooks as a solution

Purchasing Chromebooks was the solution for Altrecht. "g-company explained how privacy can be guaranteed with a Chromebook by making use of Chrome Enterprise. This is done by encrypting the local environment with an authentication on the Chromebooks. It is also possible to encrypt the connection between the Chromebook and an external environment. That was sufficient for us to say: those Chromebooks are usable."

"In addition, together with Acer and g-company, we have deployed the so-called 'white gloves service'. This meant that we were able to have the Chromebook fully configured, packed and provided with a small instruction delivered to the homes of Altrecht employees per parcel post," explains Dieter. "Within a few days, this was realized and it was very well-received by our employees, the practitioners. Upon receipt, it was just a matter of opening the device, connecting to the Wi-Fi network and logging in. After logging in, they received the configuration of the Chromebook and could get straight back to work.

At Altrecht, we use an E-health platform that works webbased. In this platform, you can also start up a one-to-one meeting with your patient. If you want to contact more than one patient, you can facilitate this yourself on using Google Meet.


Carefree and secure working

"Everything was new at the time, so it took some time getting used to working with the Chromebooks, but today everyone is still happy. Chromebooks work well, are easy to use and we understand what we are doing. In addition, they are also safe to use and they function completely according to our wishes. You can start up very fast and are always connected through the 4G network. Accordingly, we can work carefree and secure on location and at home. In fact, Altrecht's practitioners are being unburdened of any worries through the use of Chromebooks".

“g-company had already helped us at an earlier stage with a preliminary investigation and we had positive experiences with them.”

The next step

"The first step is to make our EPD, electronic patient record, web-based. This is where the practitioner records his work. We can implement the new EPDs on the Chromebooks, which is a big advantage to us. In addition, we have a challenge to move all communication components, such as email, calendar and an online workspace to the Chromebooks. We have made the choice to replace our current applications with the Google Workspace applications.

Altrecht quickly and successfully switched to Chromebooks when the situation called for it. Dieter van Grinsven tells his story in conversation with David Saris (g-company) in the Dutch video below.
Managed Chromebooks

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