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This year marks the 125th anniversary of Bruynzeel Keukens ("Bruynzeel Kitchens"). In 1937, the company transformed the kitchen industry with its affordable and practical design. In 2015, Bruynzeel Keukens and Keller Keukens merged and continued to operate as DKG while maintaining both brands.

Bruynzeel Keukens (DKG): Happier Customers due to Chromeboxes

The challenge

Some people find buying a kitchen a lot of fun, but for most of us it poses a challenge. Not only because of the negotiation process - something kitchen stores are not famous for - but also because of the endless number of choices you have to make; from color and material, to kitchen cabinets, gas, induction, and so on.

Bruynzeel looked at this whole experience and decided it had to do better. At the same time, a customer satisfaction survey conducted by the company revealed a need for more transparent products, pricing, and features. So Bruynzeel set out to make buying a kitchen more enjoyable! The company decided to change its stuffy image, revamp the store concept, and put the customer experience first.

"To do 1% better, you must put in 50% of your energy."

The importance of customer experience

Research shows that the choice to buy a kitchen is 5% based on reason (does it fit my house and my budget) and 95% on emotion. Bruynzeel Keukens, therefore, believes it’s crucial that people feel good about their visit to the store. Regardless of whether they buy a kitchen, customers should not leave in a hurry or with more questions than answers.

The solution

It was clear that DKG wanted to create a better customer experience and image, but how? After a few brainstorming sessions, the group knew it was time to digitalize. DKG decided to introduce narrowcasting, digital price tags, and touch tables.

When implementing these solutions, the company had high security requirements, IT management had to be simple, and the system had to be user-friendly and fast. Due consideration also had to be given to Bruynzeel's Kitchen Configurator, a 3D visualizer that requires a lot of GPUs and has to run smoothly on the device.Bruynzeel Keukens tested approximately 30 different devices before choosing the Acer Chromebox CXi4. It is safe, easy to manage, and offers sufficient capacity for the Kitchen Configurator.

As a reseller of Chrome OS and Acer for Business, g-company was asked to provide each store with the proper licenses (about 30 per location).

A new digital customer journey

The company’s new customer journey begins outside. Stores use narrowcasting to invite people in, where different messages are displayed on screens. In the shop, each kitchen has a digital price tag, powered by an invisible Chromebox. Using the touchscreen, customers can check prices, scroll through available colors and materials, and access the Kitchen Configurator to get a better picture of their ideal kitchen, all without an advisor.
To improve sustainability, Bruynzeel Keukens has drastically reduced the use of kitchen books. Instead, people can consult the touch table for all available accessories and appliances. Using the digital price tag and touch table, customers can share their favorite items with themselves or their purchasing advisor.

"g-company helps us take the right steps - Chromeboxes are a perfect fit for our IT strategy and our in-store goals."

The result

The three digital solutions designed to improve the customer experience - digital price tags, narrowcasting (indoor and outdoor), and touch tables - are now running on Chromeboxes in every store. What results is Bruynzeel Keukens seeing?

Research shows that the kitchen retailer has shaken off its stuffy image. Customers are more satisfied, sales are up, and the average price of a purchased kitchen has increased - a great ROI.

Moreover, notorious price negotiations are now a thing of the past. Prices are fixed, and the digital price tags have made them highly transparent.

Optimizing operations, from store layout to IT, has helped Bruynzeel save time. Through optimization, the company can completely rebuild a store in six weeks, which means there's more time to focus on other things. And because only an open store generates revenue, the time it's closed really matters.

Of course, additional factors such as routing, music, and interior design also contribute to the customer experience. Nevertheless, digitalization has proven to be paramount to the success of Bruynzeel Keukens.

The next step

There is always room for improvement, especially when you aim to offer the ultimate customer journey at all times. Now that it's proven to be possible and it pays off, Bruynzeel Keukens wants to take digitalization to the next level, with g-company playing an important role in implementing cloud-first solutions.

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