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Granny's Finest is a Slow Fashion Label that contributes to the social participation of the elderly. All products are handmade from natural, reused and certified materials. In this way, Granny's Finest is building social cohesion, preserving craftsmanship and a sustainable world.
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Granny's Finest: the old teach the young and vice versa

Of the 2,6 million people over 65, more than a million are considered to be lonely to very lonely. Granny’s Finest prevents this loneliness by having seniors do their hobby handicraft in a group setting, under the guidance of young designers. The old teach the young and vice versa.

With the right natural yarns, the right explanation and the right efforts they make premium quality handmade items. These are then sold, and the proceeds are used to fund the social objectives of the foundation.

Granny’s Finest uses the Salesforce Foundation platform to stay in contact with volunteers on the one hand, and the senior ladies participating in the handicraft clubs on the other hand.

The grannies’ attendance at the handicraft clubs is tracked in Salesforce, and absences by frequent visitors are immediately signalled. The coordinator of the handicraft club will then send a message and in case of illness a card is signed, for instance, or a visit is planned.

“g-company has ‘adopted’ Granny’s Finest in a way, by helping us to get the most out of using Salesforce, as well as making sure that the well-being of our grannies remains the most important thing.”

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