Leprazending is an international Christian organization that fights leprosy. In their struggle they do not forget the individual patient, and treat him or her with attention and love. Leprosy patients are often discriminated against and excluded. Leprazending wants to assist these people medically, socially and spiritually. In this way, they propagate God's love.
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Leprazending: Salesforce in all aspects!

Fundraising, Project Management and Marketing Automation and all with NPSP (Non Profit Success Pack), it is one of the most complete implementations we know, and brought live in one project!

Choosing g-company

Leprazending had heard good stories of Light for the World, an NGO with which she works extensively. At Light for the World, g-company implemented Salesforce a year earlier . After a 'request for proposal' (rfp) process, Leprazending chose g-company with Salesforce. It involved the replacement of iFunds. Both Fundraising and Project Management had to be implemented.

Then the question arose whether we could do something with marketing automation. We can! A round table had just been planned, in which Renate de Jong and Balt Leenman had invited various existing Salesforce using organizations. Mark van den Berg, marketer at Leprazending joined last minute. He surprised us with a wonderful summary of the round table session.


A powerful tool

Leprazending - Customer Journey.jpg

In the meantime, Leprazending has been live for a while. Setting up Marketing Automation properly is by no means a piece of cake, but it turns out to be a very powerful tool. Mark van den Berg is very enthusiastic about the use of Pardot as a marketing tool, he designs beautiful "customer journeys".


Next step 2019

During the g-company next step event on 31 October 2019, Mark presented his experience with Pardot Marketing Automation. Together with Renate de Jong, he provided the breakout "Leprazending: pioneer in Marketing Automation".

Managed Chromebooks

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