Nederlands Letterenfonds

Through scholarships and grants to writers, translators, publishers and festivals, the Nederlands Letterenfonds (Dutch Foundation for Literature) promotes quality and diversity in literature and contributes to the dissemination and promotion of Dutch and Frisian literature at home and abroad. The fund works on a literary climate that is as rich and diverse as possible, with an eye for literary heritage and new developments in literature and the book trade.
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Nederlands Letterenfonds: Salesforce 2.0

The Nederlands Letterenfonds has been using Salesforce for some time. The Foreign Affairs department in particular knows the value of Salesforce appreciated for its powerful CRM functionality. The Salesforce platform is also used for the processes of translations of Dutch literature and for supporting Dutch authors in their work. g-company was asked by Mr Dick Broer, himself a man of letters, but also very much at home in Salesforce, to review the existing set-up and come up with recommendations for getting even more value out of the Salesforce platform. A great challenge: Dick had several ideas and plans of his own, such as using communities to review applications - also, the overall use of Salesforce could be improved. Tim Slijp was asked as lead consultant. Tim has a lot of experience with project management within Salesforce and is therefore the right consultant for this transformation.


User adoption

In order to gain support within the entire organization, a number of workshops were planned in which all 40 employees of the Letterenfonds participated in groups. The employees were involved in the plan for the new Salesforce release and were given the opportunity to share their wishes and ideas, concerns and challenges. This provided many good suggestions and support for the transformation.

The Dutch Foundation for Literature has now gone live with the new version of Salesforce. A number of things that are optimized in this version are: the processes in Salesforce now support the work processes optimally, more explanation has been added to the application so that the processes can be better followed (user adoption). There are smarter forms so that applications end up directly in Salesforce, which means less administrative effort is required. There is proper insight for the advisory committee, so that paper no longer needs to be sent via couriers. It is easier to draft letters and contracts through good integration (via the Conga Composer app). And with the push of a button, labels can now be printed using a linked label printer. The entire Dutch Foundation for Literature is using the platform with great pleasure!


Project team

The project team within g-company consisted of Ambrose Martins (project leader), Tim Slijp (lead consultant), Daniel van Veldhuijzen (Conga Composer), Niek van Hengel (Formstack), Aryen Pellikaan (user adoption specialist) and Ronald Flisijn (technical specialist) .

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