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Prisma is present for people with an intellectual disability. The organization helps them find their own space within the community of Brabant. They also contribute to a worthy life, in which the client makes their own decisions. Their personal needs, individual capacities and talents are the starting point. Prisma feels involved in the life satisfaction of its clients and takes note of their vulnerability.
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Prisma: unique approach in the prevention of data breaches


The challenge

More and more healthcare organizations are migrating their information systems to the cloud. This allows employees to access their agenda, mail and documents on the road, as well as at home, which promotes efficient and flexible working habits. But is it safe to access client data from the Electronic Client Dossier (ECD) in the cloud, wherever you may be? Up until recently, the answer was no.

The solution

Prisma, Google and Adapcare came up with a unique solution that solved the security issue. Prisma switched over completely to Google’s Google Workspace: mail, agenda, storage, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, authentications, and videoconferencing, everything in the cloud. From now on, Prisma employees can access and edit documents from their ECD without having to leave their browser. Downloading a document is no longer necessary: clicking a Google document in ECD opens the document in the browser without having to download it.
Uploading documents is also no longer necessary. A Prisma employee can make a new Google document from within the ECD. The document is then saved in the cloud, although the ECD does manage access permissions. The document can not leave the ECD to be shared with other parties.


“Thanks to Google Workspace, we now have more time for what matters: the client.”

The result

Thanks to this unique solution, data leaks are no longer a concern for Prisma. Everything is shared, accessed and edited in the cloud. Saving locally is no longer applicable, which means sensitive client information is managed with complete control thereof.
This approach means Prisma complies with the most strict requirements of the NEN7510, while also saving considerate costs.



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