Tentoo Payroll Professionals is a subsidiary of Dutch company Tentoo. Tentoo is a partner for employers, organizations and freelancers when it comes to payrolling or other salary-related services.
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Tentoo 'rewrites' organization with Google Cloud Platform


The challenge

Tentoo Payroll Professionals, subsidiary of the Dutch company Tentoo, ran business on software developed for the Dutch market. This made compliance with the evolving Belgian legislation increasingly difficult. Also, Tentoo’s customer platform needed a fundamental refresh to stay aligned with the latest views on customer interaction and customer journey support. The urgent overhaul of Tentoo’s core applications that was needed for keeping competitive edge in a fast changing business environment was far beyond Tentoo’s limited IT capabilities. The various software packages in Tentoo’s application landscape were hosted on local servers in the Zaventem office that at times suffered from unstable Internet connectivity. IT depended on hardware support from the remote Netherlands office.


The solution

Together with Tentoo g-company fully replaced the existing architecture by one modern digital platform tailor-made on Google Cloud Platform. The application integrates with RSZ, Prisma, Exact Online and Freshdesk (case management), meets the needs of mobile users and is fully compliant with Belgian legislation. Freelancers and clients can now register, submit contracts, consult and edit personal data and easily find all documentation, including contracts, invoices and pay slips. Thanks to the use of App Engine and Google Cloud Storage the platform and the linked digital archive are fully scalable: if Tentoo grows, the platform grows with them. It is also highly customizable: without any downtime new versions can be activated. Hardware is no longer needed. 

On this platform, freelancers and clients can register, create and process contracts, consult and change personal data and easily find all their documentation including contracts, invoices and payslips.
Thanks to the use of App Engine and Google Cloud Storage, the platform and the linked digital archive are fully scalable: as Tentoo grows, so does the platform. It is also highly adaptable: new versions can be activated without downtime. No hardware is required.

“To our organization it is more than an added value. The platform simply ís our company.”

The result

Tentoo Belgium is now better than ever fully equipped to serve the Belgian market. In a period of 16 months, the organization was rewritten, as it were. They offer a modern, fully scalable customer platform, adjustable to Belgian needs. They no longer depend on a server and can use the system anytime and anywhere. All information can be found very fast and easily, because there is only one 'archive' so to say. Tentoo is now looking into possible next steps for further digital professionalization.
Tentoo is now exploring the next steps for digital professionalisation.

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