The Hague University of Applied Sciences

The Hague University offers a myriad of study programs, which are not limited to Bachelor and Master studies, but also include trainings post higher professional education, and masterclasses. The Hague University is partnered with other universities and colleges abroad, for exchanges with students, lecturers and support staff. The International Exchanges team is responsible for developing and maintaining relations with partner universities, and manages the exchange contracts.
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The Hague University: from spreadsheet to Salesforce

The challenge

Managing exchange contracts was tremendously time-consuming. All data were managed in an overly large and complicated spreadsheet. Automatic process management and controllable sharing of information was not an option. Keeping involved parties (management, faculties, partner universities) in the loop was very difficult. IT support was difficult to procure. Processing management information was a hands-on, repetitive task. All the above kept the International Exchange team from focussing on their real work, namely: attracting international exchange students. It was high time for a proper contract management system.

The solution

The Hague University already used Salesforce for different purposes, such as managing alumni. After a conversation with a g-company Salesforce consultant, the team of International exchanges decided to start using Salesforce in their work process as well. Seeing as they would become the primary users, they were fully involved in the project’s implementation. Because of Saleforce’s flexible nature, all needs and demands could be met. All existing contract information in the spreadsheet was cleaned up thoroughly, before being imported into Salesforce. 

The result

The international exchange contracts are now available in real-time for authorized persons. Processes are managed, deadlines are met and notifications concerning upcoming deadlines are sent out. Exceptional cases are reported proactively. Management information is available instantaneously, in various forms. Customized dashboards give each user an overview of their KPIs. Technical application management is not necessary. The process owners can manage information access, redefine processes and rapports, and create additional fields. This means they can continuously adapt the contract management system, without having to bring in other people to do so. The most important thing, however: they now have the time to hit the road, to find new partner universities and organize exchanges which are very important to The Hague University of Applied Sciences.

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