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VBO Makelaar is an accessible and transparent association for around 1.100 brokers, appraisers and rent specialists in the entire Netherlands. The organisation allows its knowledgeable members to build a sustainable relation with satisfied clients, through innovative and practical concepts. The association has a section Living, but also a separate section Corporate Real Estate and Agricultural Real Estate. What started in 1985 as a small and enthusiastic group of real estate brokers and appraisers, has grown into a renowned association for professional brokers, appraisers rental agents and real estate students.
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VBO Makelaars: reducing complexity with Salesforce


The challenge

A couple of years ago, VBO Makelaar selected Salesforce as the new CRM solution. Before, Act! was used. The implementation was handled by a non-recognized Salesforce implementation partner, however, who also did not have prior experience with Salesforce.

In November of 2016, VBO Makelaar came into contact with g-company. A very thorough analysis was performed, after which advice was issued. The most important outcome of the analysis was that the ICT infrastructure was extremely complicated, and that the existence of multiple systems meant there was no ‘one version of the truth’. Furthermore, the poor implementation of Salesforce meant that future goals such as telephone integration or customer service were either very difficult or even impossible to realize. Salesforce adoption was at its minimum.”Reduction of complexity” became the motto for the re-implementation.


The solution

Based on the advice of g-company, a sustainable implementation of Salesforce was realized. The key points of this solution included the following:

  • Setting up a customer service and complaint process via Case Management

  • Setting up member administration, including the generation of invoice lines

  • Having a working, mutual integration between Salesforce and the financial system

  • Creating reports and dashboards which display management information on the status of payments, realized and expected revenue, lead times and more

  • Expanding and adapting the system with an eye on the users, to improve adoption

“From a hodgepodge of software to one user-friendly system.”

The result

VBO Makelaar considers it a relief that the facturation of contributions and service provision is now managed seamlessly via Salesforce. This means that the many weekly hours of manual labor are no longer required. Resolution of questions and complaints is now properly supported and management has access to accurate information, on which they can base their decisions.

Within the organisation, enthusiasm about Salesforce has increased drastically, and plans are being made to extend the functionality for Apprentice Brokers and Vocational Brokers. Service and information provision for members are vital for VBO Makelaar. Salesforce provides the basis for this.

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