Wilde Ganzen

Wilde Ganzen supports enthusiastic Dutch who set up small projects in remote countries, together with local people. They help with knowledge, with their network and with money. Together they give private projects professional decisiveness. Durable and visible. Wilde Ganzen brings financial and expert contribution where it is needed: for people who want to escape from poverty.
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Wilde Ganzen: fighting poverty with Salesforce

Salesforce contributes to managing all those beautiful small concrete projects that make a real difference in the lives of people living in poverty.

Foundation Wilde Ganzen has been helping to fight poverty for almost 60 years by means of small-scale, concrete projects. Since the beginning of November 2015 Wilde Ganzen has been live on Salesforce. The 25-year-old custom application 'Geese' has been completely replaced by, to support the projects, the financial settlement and a contemporary way of fundraising.

Our fundraising is strengthened by Salesforce. We can reach our target groups in new ways.

g-company implemented The biggest challenge was the project part, the matching of financial contributions and earmarked fundraising. The app 'Converse' from StepOrange was used for fundraising. Wilde Ganzen opted for ExactTarget, the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, to enable the customer journey.

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