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g-company is experienced in lots of different industries, ranging from healthcare to education and from professional services to wholesale, retail & e-commerce. Check out customer success stories from clients active in all sectors we are active in.


As far as ICT projects within the healthcare sector are concerned, many healthcare organizations have already brought care closer to the client together with g-company.

Care for the client is always number one. Matters such as administration, reporting and privacy must be carried out carefree, as efficiently and flexibly as possible.

To continue to spend most of their time and resources on care, processes and applications are moved to the cloud. The Google Cloud that is.


Making a positive impact, fighting poverty, improving human rights, addressing environmental issues, making the world a better and a more beautiful place. Organizations that do that, can count on us. We use our extensive experience with new technology to make organizations that make the world a better place even more effective. We do that with what we find the best technology: Salesforce and Google.

And way more...

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g-company continues as Xebia!

As of April 1, 2023, g-company continues as Xebia. Consequently, the content on this website will no longer be updated. For the most recent content, please visit the 'Cloud-First Workplace' section on the Xebia site.