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The existential right for many of our clients is the connection with their following: how well can they help members with their daily quests? The first step is a great fundament. Secondly, a flexible membership administration is crucial. 

Thirdly, it gets increasingly important to establish and enforce a connection with your members using a wide variety of modern channels. We have enabled this for lots of organizations using the Salesforce platform, where everything is perfectly integrated. It is time to say goodbye to multiple software packages that are connected with inferior integrations.

The challenge of...


The amount of complex processes within Stichting Handicart is considerable. Besides the registration of all members and donors, it was crucial to automate several processes, like connecting the website with the signing up of pass holders.
The challenge of...

VBO Makelaar

A few years ago, VBO Makelaar had selected Salesforce as their new CRM-solution. The implementation was done by an unexperienced partner, which led to a suboptimal implementation.
The challenge of...


In a B2B market of sponsors and subsided study projects, a limited amount of potential relations and lots of competing study associations, commercial opportunities were missed due to inadequate registration and follow-up.

Solutions for member organizations

An increasing number of member organizations have realized that the expectations of their following is changing. For example, members mostly prefer to communicate in modern ways (social media, chat) or they start looking for a knowledge base to get an answer to their question. Perhaps they want to interact and answer questions of other members using a community, or access an environment where they can easily search for trainings & events. With Salesforce Experience Cloud, mostly combined with Service Cloud, we create great solutions.

However, it starts with the basis: membership administrations aren't always simple. For instance, rules for determining contribution are mostly complicated, which is why we like to surprise our clients with simplicity so that these processes are made as simple as possible. The same applies to handling payments on the Salesforce platform: together with our partner FinDock, we enable you to handle all sorts of payments: direct debit, iDeal, payment requests, credit card - you name it. 


Create digital experiences revolving around members.

Customize your own platform where members are the focal point: a website, an app or portal with user accounts - for instance a place where members can help each other with challenges or find answers to their questions in the form of a knowledge base.

Google Workspace

Sharing and editing documents was never this easy.

Edit files and docs in the cloud and share them with colleagues, members or other stakeholders. No fuss with files that are not up to date or numerous (outdated) versions of the same file.

Project management like never before.

Make sure everyone within (and maybe even outside) the organization is up to date with what the status of projects is by create a central hub where everyone can access the progress. 

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They preceded you

With Salesforce, member administrations are enabled to organize contact with their following: from administrative choirs to contribution determination, invoicing and registering payments. From member service to bringing members together to help them share their stories. Below, you will find some stories.

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Our specialists

Within our team, multiple people are specialized in implementing solutions specifically for member organizations. They know everything of the Salesforce platform. Moreover, they understand how organization-specific processes and needs are shaped.


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