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Stagnation means decline

All modern organizations are confronted with a constantly changing environment. 

In today's world, stagnation means decline. g-company is committed to helping organizations transform and become more flexible.

The web-based workplace

Only being able to work from the physical office is a thing of the past. Flexibility is more important than ever, both for an organization and for its employees.

g-company facilitates flexible working by providing leading organizations and their teams with anytime, anywhere access to their work environment, simply from their web browser. The efficient web-based workplace optimizes the overall work experience.

The challenge of...


The Travix companies all had their own email infrastructures, based on Microsoft Exchange. Consolidating this into one common mail platform proved to be extremely cumbersome and time consuming. Time pressure was high as the mail servers ran out of their lifecycle. After six months of frustration, the CTO decided to look for other solutions.


Data-driven organizations

Unlock your data, reimagine your business

Data analytics, no doubt you've heard how useful it can be for any organization. Yet not all organizations seem to harness the power of data analysis. A pity, because analyzing your (existing!) data can provide valuable insights.

g-company makes your data work for you, so that your organization can benefit from it. For example, you can use it to discover how to attract more customers or donors, which strategic steps you can take and which opportunities there are in the future.

The challenge of...


In order to continuously improve and automate their software and data in the most efficient and future-proof way, machine learning workflows were needed.

Orbisk’s key challenge was: “How can you operationalize ML workflows to deploy ML models as efficiently and scalable as possible?”


Modern infrastructure

Build for today, scale for tomorrow

To stay ahead of your competition, you need to be flexible as an organization. To do this, you need an IT infrastructure to modern standards.

The perfect IT infrastructure is built from web services with everything in the cloud and is connected through open standards.

The challenge of...


A solid data warehouse is of crucial importance for a Fintech organization that is supervised by AFM. If the data that is requested or displayed is incorrect, it has a great impact on many people. BUX’s existing data warehouse was built on-premise and was becoming obsolete. Innovating the existing warehouse would be a very costly affair and was also not in line with BUX’s cloud-first strategy.


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