Google Cloud Platform: Data Studio

Learn how to use Data Studio to leverage data and share interactive insights

In a one-day workshop you will discover the possibilities of data analysis on Google Cloud - how to connect, build, explore and share interactive visualizations with your organization.

The advantages of this solution

  • Get more out of your data with this short workshop.
  • Learn more about Google Data Studio, so that you can personally make more use of it.
  • Create visual insights in data, which are understandable for all employees.
The challenge of...


“Many BI tools and data warehouses require a lot of time spent working and support by consultants, but we can use Data Studio and BigQuery ourselves. With Data Studio, we can have perfect data in a few days. A year ago it took us three months to produce a quality report. This year we did it in a week.”
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The challenge of...


TWB focuses on high-quality care and building strong relations with clients. To spend most of the time to healthcare, they started moving some of their processes to Google Cloud. This required a different approach.


This solution makes use of


Google Cloud Platform

With Google Cloud you make custom-made solutions and integrates your current systems in a scalable manner.

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