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Below you will find a variety of Freshworks trainings we currently offer. These trainings will help you to enhance your practical Freshworks skills; entirely free of charge. With some trainings, you will receive a certificate of participation. Looks great on your resumé, right?

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Donderdag 9 september van15:00 to 17:00 - Freshsales Suite Product Training (Beginner)

With Freshsales Suite (previously: Freshworks CRM) you can manage your sales and marketing activities in the most structured and automated way. With the AI-driven tool of Freshworks you can rank your leads and apply automations to them, use chatbots and analyze every deal with relevant insights and follow up in the best way possible!

Donderdag 16 september van 15:00 to 17:00 - Freshdesk Admin Training (Beginner)

As current or future Freshdesk Admin, you want to get the most out of Freshdesk to offer a great experience to customers and employees. Almost everything is adaptable in Freshdesk, so where do you start? With the colours of your portal, your ticket fields, communication channels or security options? 

Our consultant/instructors do have the experience with lots of organizations and are more than willing to share their knowledge so that you can learn from successes and mistakes. Besides, there is enough space for exchanging knowledge with fellow students.

Donderdag 23 september van 15:00 to 17:00 - Bot building with Freshworks (Beginner)

What does make a chatbot successful, in what cases can you deploy it, how do you build a chatbot and what is the profit you get out of it? That is what you will learn during this training, where we give you access to a test environment and explain this to you interactively.

If you like to connect this with all your other Freshworks tools, then we highly recommend you to sign up fast!

Donderdag 30 september van 15:00 to 17:00 - Freshworks Analytics training (Beginner)

Freshworks Analytics supports you in getting insight and grip on your operations. Freshworks currently features Analytics and Reports. In the future, Reports will disappear. That's why you should learn what Analytics is and how you can obtain the best insights to achieve your goals. With analytics, you can get a more in-depth insight and show data combined to show causes or changes in efficiency and ticket volumes. Furthermore, analytics is more friendly when it comes down to presentations by the possibility to showcase data and to combine data with text and images. On top of that, data is refreshed 8 times faster.

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Recruitment, employee data, leave registration and organizational structure in one place.

Freshsales Suite

Marketing and sales solution which spurs cooperation and offers a customer-for-life experience for your clients.


Build your own chatbot in simple steps to ensure a 24/7 customer service via WhatsApp, FB Messenger or your own app.


The solution for ITSM where users are efficiently supported. With asset management.

Freshdesk Contact Center

Without using hard- and software, you improve your phone services and log every contact (moment).

Freshdesk Messaging

Combine WhatsApp, chat, social media and co-browing in one platform and automate client interaction.


Freshdesk supports Customer Service teams of all sizes for contact via mail, phone, chat and social. Accessible, easy-to-implement and affordable.

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