Chrome Management Kickstart

How to boost your enterprise security and Chrome Device Management, by leveraging Enterprise Chrome Management

Chrome has evolved from being just a very good browser to a comprehensive cloud computing platform that is ready to address the highest requirements of the most demanding enterprises, in terms of security, user friendliness and costs.

Chrome Enterprise is designed to provide a single solution that connects employees, while giving admins the flexibility and control they need to keep their businesses protected. 

The Chrome Management Kickstart covers the ins and outs of managing Chrome Devices through the Chrome Management environment. g-company experts will explain and discuss the many capabilities and best practices for creating optimal Chrome Management for your organization. They will also assist you in implementing Chrome and Chrome Device Management policies and settings. Chrome Device Management-beleid en het juist instellen hiervan.

g-company supports organizations with a Proof of Concept for Chrome devices, including trial licenses and demo devices. We help to set up Chrome Management and assist the organization with making the PoC successful. After that, we prepare for a full roll-out of Chrome devices.

"We are now able to easily manage a large fleet of Chrome Devices centrally. We can automatically install applications and settings, such as WiFi and security, and the rollout of new devices takes only a few minutes."

The advantages of a Chrome Management Kickstart

  • Manage all Chrome Devices from a single location.
  • The deployment of new devices will be shortened to single minutes.
  • Complete support during roll-out of Chrome Devices/Chromebooks.
The challenge of...


Medewerkers die hun e-mails wilden bekijken, de nodige medicatie van de cliënt wilden checken, of verslagen wilden schrijven, moesten hiervoor naar hun computer op kantoor, en dus weg van de mensen waar ze voor zorgen.
The challenge of...


In 2019, Aafje was chosen to be the best employer and the challenge is to keep this status. Staying innovative and working with the right tools for supplying healthcare is a big challenge.
The challenge of...


Employees that wanted to check emails or check the drug prescription of clients had to go to the office, away from the people they took care of.
The challenge of...


Due to COVID-19, employees suddenly had to work from home. And a big problem arose: there was a big shortage of devices with a camera and microphone, which was required to stay in touch with clients remotely.


This solution makes use of


Chrome Devices

Enable organizations to cooperate and innovate by using scaleability of the internet.

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