Salesforce: Cloud Start Programme Management

Kickstart your programme management towards insight, transparency and impact

Programmes are at the heart of your organization's mission. However, you increasingly have the feeling of lacking insight in the portfolio, experience poor data quality or even lose the ability to monitor the process before an application or idea becomes a project. 

Communication with donors, partners or applicants is cumbersome, and has become a large administrative burden on your employees.

Together we will discover how to free more energy for your mission and enable your organization to focus on impact. We will do this during a series of intensive workshops in which we will optimize your programme processes using our proven reference processes, perform a fit-gap-analysis with our programme management for nonprofit cloud and review your data for migration to the cloud.

“We get a very good overview of where we are, and what still has to be done that year. We have people cheering across the building ‘yeah, we are using Salesforce’!”

The advantages of this solution

  • Get (new) insight in your portfolio and improve your data quality.
  • Gain more energy and time to accomplish your mission and to focus more on impact.
  • Outline a roadmap for a succesfully phased implementation.


This solution makes use of

community cloud

Salesforce Experience Cloud

Koppel werknemers, partners en klanten met elkaar en met informatie, apps en experts.
sales cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud

With Salesforce Sales Cloud, you enable any employee to function optimally with a reliable sales solution.
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Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack

Where you offer services to individuals, aim to achieve a greener world or are working in education: the flexible Nonprofit Success Pack supports your mission.
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Salesforce Pardot

Het eenvoudig te gebruiken marketing platform geeft alles wat je nodig hebt om marketingcampagnes die écht voor resultaten zorgen te maken, uitrollen en te beheren.

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